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Rainbow Treasure Hunt

Build your own Treehouse

Eye Spy Weather Pack

Mothers Day Colour Cut and Stick

Mothers Day Card Template

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Children's My Personal Journal

Children's Gratitude Journal

Mindful Journal Prompts for Children

Mothers Day Vouchers

Chatterbox blank

The spread of the COVID-19 virus is creating challenging times for everyone.

Here at The Wedding Crecherz our goal has always been to create amazing memories and experiences for children. Many of you are currently in or starting to go into self isolation and this can often create challenges with young children, this is why we have created these digital activities which can be downloaded, printed and used to help keep your children entertained though this period.

We will be releasing more packs in due course and each day we are streaming stories and singing songs over on our facebook page here or instagram page here.

We are committed to providing you with the best entertainment possible during this uncertain time and sending love to you all.

Thank you.




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