Our 5 Most Loved toys of Autumn 2018 

A perfect List for grown-ups looking for the perfect present this Christmas!

Children’s toys are the heart and soul of our company, that is why we are always actively seeking the most engaging, beautiful and highest quality toys for our beautiful creche. We attend over 150 weddings and events each year – witnessing many different children, from all over the country, playing with our toys. We know which toys are the favourites, which toys stand the test of time, and which toys are most likely to make the children smile brightly on Christmas morning and this year we think that it’s time that we share this inside knowledge with you too!

Below is a list of our top five most enjoyed toys of 2018 from one of our favourite toy companies Le Toy Van. Although there are so many to choose from, we have tried to choose toys for each age group.

For a larger or more bespoke toy list, please get in contact and we will create one for you.

Petilou Sensory Shape Tray

This beautiful sensory shape tray is so gorgeous and inviting that even grown-ups can’t resist picking it up and playing with it. Each little shape contains its own unique treat for the senses and together they become an engaging sensory shape sorting puzzle. Creche after creche children of all ages spend ages exploring this toy, making music with it and sorting the 3D shapes. Perfect for children from 12-18 months.

Sweetheart Cottage Dolls House

This gorgeous dolls house even comes with its own stunning furniture, so that each room can be set up ready for your child to enjoy. Boys and girls enjoy this dolls house equally and there is never a time when it’s not being enjoyed by someone in the creche. The house if perfect for children aged 3+ and we see children imagining with it all the way up to 12-year olds. This is an engaging toy for adults too and will create wonderful memories as you and your child imagine together.

The dolls house can be added to with cars, mats, new furniture and really is something that can grow alongside your child. Very easy to build and also to dismantle and store if space is an issue.

Doctor’s Kit

The Le Toy Van Doctor’s kit is one of our most played with toys in the creche and really unites children of all ages in imaginative play and sustained shared thinking. If you are looking for a toy that will engage the imaginations of the entire household – this is it!
This Doctor’s kit is unlike any other Doctor’s kit we have ever seen. Every part of the kit is made from wood and fabric – even the bag itself is a bright red fabric bag, with a delightful blue gingham interior. For parents that love pretty toys, this is the perfect addition to the household. Fantastic for the imaginations of children and adults alike – this is one of those amazing toys that grown-ups will enjoy playing along with, something that children remember for ever. Our own little girls take this bag with them to every Doctor’s appointment!

Shop and Café

For those wanting to find a larger Christmas gift, something that can be added to that the children can share, this wooden café/shop is utterly perfect. This is one of those toys that creates hours and hours of imaginative play and can be used as a café on one side and a shop on the other.

This toy is wonderfully versatile. Even without adding anything to it, children adore using it as the frame for hundreds of make believe stories. There are many toys that can be added to the café/shop either all in one go for the ultimate Christmas present or throughout birthday’s and Christmases over the years. Our favourite additions have been the market stall food, the wooden shopping trolley (complete with chalk shopping list board), the popcorn maker, till and coffee machine to name but a few.

Fantastic for developing the seven areas of learning such as communication and language skills, understanding the world, awareness and understanding of number, building relationships, physical development, literacy and expressive arts and design. This will be a toy that is enjoyed for years and years.

Petilou Rainbow Cloud Walker

The Petilou Rainbow Cloud Walker is a firm favourite for the tiniest guests in our creche. Whether they are exploring the shapes and colours, building their own towers or using it to practise taking those first little steps, there is no doubting that this is a perfect festive gift for your little one.

As well as the development and learning that this toy promotes, it is also absolutely beautiful. There is something very calming about recreating the rainbow at the end of each day – so we are sure that the grown-ups will love this one too! A perfect first Christmas present, this walker is like no other and really is a gift that keeps on giving!

To purchase any of the toys above or for your own bespoke Christmas list, please contact The Wedding Crecherz directly.

We hope that you have a very merry Christmas. x